Weekly Lottery A chance to win £2,000 every week!

Just £1 a week and you could win one of 50 big cash prizes every Friday - including the £2,000 jackpot! You've got a great chance of being a winner in our Weekly Lottery.

It's so easy to be a winner with the Marie Curie Weekly Lottery, plus you can feel great knowing each Friday, our community of Weekly Lottery players raise enough money to help fund two Marie Curie Nurses for a whole year.  Enter now and you could be celebrating next week!

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What prizes can I win?

Play today for your chance to win 50 cash prizes every week.

1st Prize £2,000; 2nd Prize £200; 3rd Prize £75; 4th Prize £50; 5th Prize £25; Runner’s up: 45 x £10 prizes.

You don't need to do anything when you win a prize. We’ll let you know how much you’ve won by letter and automatically send you a cheque. It's that easy. All you have to do is spend your winnings! We also feature names of winners right here every week.

Plus you can feel good knowing that only 7p from every £1 entry goes into the prize fund. The other 93p helps Marie Curie Nurses care for more than 40,000 people with a terminal illness each year.

First prize £2000





£10 45 x runner up prizes

What is the Weekly Lottery?

All tickets cost £1 a week. You can buy up to 20 tickets for each weekly draw.

You can pay online with a debit or credit card. Or set up a Direct Debit to guarantee your entry every week. We’ll send you details of each entry you buy in the post.

It’s as easy as one, two, three!

  1. Simply choose how many weekly tickets you want at £1 each
  2. Choose to pay debit/credit card or set up a Direct Debit
  3. Choose how often you want to pay  by Direct Debit or how many weeks at a time you would like to pay for – 13, 26 or 52

Then just enter your contact details and make your payment. Don't forget, we send you details of your entries in the post automatically and send you a cheque when you win.

To play, remember you must be over 18. Read our full Terms & Conditions

Choose how many tickets you want at £1 each

Choose how you want to pay and for how many weeks

We'll send your your lottery number in the post and your cheque if you are a winner

“When I received the cheque for £2,000, I couldn't believe it. I was overjoyed! Everybody I know who is close to me got a little something."

Mrs Jackson

Are you a winner? This week's winners - 13.05.2016

The winning entries have been chosen and the cheques have been sent. Take a look at the full list of this week's 50 cash prize winners.

How would you celebrate? Tell us using #GoodWaysToWin

“If I won £10k, I'd do the California trip with @danprance in a convertible for at least 3 weeks #goodwaystowin”

Our winner's event

This weeks winners

Mrs White


NO: 7931820

Mr Norman West

Newcastle upon Tyne

NO: 5373375

Mr John McNulty


NO: 1667560

Mrs Sheila Cummins

NO: 5616244

Mrs Theresa Ryan


NO: 6108282

Are you one of the 45 runners up?

Mrs Hall


NO: 4221903

Mrs B Byron


NO: 5076890

Mrs Jan Roseman


NO: 6657664

Mr Jordan Bainbridge


NO: 5666713

Mrs Cynthia Crowley


NO: 7546926

Mr William Saunders


NO: 5874466

Mr John Mann

Great Yarmouth

NO: 2866167

Mr Stephen Daley


NO: 4113234

Ms Edna Gee

NO: 2431080

Miss Ceri Davies


NO: 8347255

Mrs Jeni Eastham


NO: 7535561

Mr S R Hutchinson


NO: 3864719

Mr Robert Howells


NO: 3031292

Mr Andrew Smith


NO: 2465072

Mrs Linda Wyeth


NO: 8549822

Dr Trevor Lloyd


NO: 7446920

Mrs Frances Bowen


NO: 9252642

Mr P Monkhouse


NO: 5086833

Mrs Dianne Luff


NO: 7592490

Mrs Lindsay Thompson


NO: 5175687

Miss Jade Vormawah


NO: 7963307

Ms Lindsey Jones


NO: 8262239

Miss Wilma Steffers


NO: 2108502

Mr David Boyes


NO: 8384939

Mrs Veronica Searle

Milton Keynes

NO: 7545229

Mr Kris Purnell


NO: 5603423

Mr J Miney


NO: 5019145

Miss Linda Hoy


NO: 5443338

Mr G Scott


NO: 6419130

Mr David Lochhead


NO: 1802067

Mrs H.c Smith


NO: 7018830

Mrs Jayne Vaughan


NO: 5793284

Miss Carley Basham

South Shields

NO: 5915893

Mrs J Watton


NO: 5092335

Mr Paul Mines


NO: 8385336

Mrs Susan Jeffery

Tunbridge Wells

NO: 7400492

Mr Derek Wardle


NO: 6855681

Mr Anthony McKeough

Chester le Street

NO: 3760803

Mrs Helen Wareham


NO: 1374861

Mr William Johnson


NO: 4537063

Mr Andrew Foster


NO: 5241445

Mrs Margaret Flynn


NO: 4942512

Mrs Denise Henderson


NO: 5042338

Mrs E Colgan


NO: 8973286

Mrs J McDonald


NO: 1613518

How your entry makes a difference

Every £1 entry in the Marie Curie Weekly Lottery really helps make a difference. Each Friday, our community of Weekly Lottery players raise enough money to fund two Marie Curie Nurses for a whole year. So even if you don’t win a prize, you are still winning by doing something incredible each and every week.

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