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Our Winners Winners, stories and more

It’s so easy to win with Good Ways to Win and you’re helping to support those living with a terminal illness and their families. We want to say a great big thank you to all our players and congratulations to our winners. We love to celebrate with our winners and always want to hear your winners' stories so if you’re a lucky winner, please get in touch with us and you could feature on this page!

Marie Curie Winners Congratulations to our latest Winners

Our latest Weekly Lottery and Raffle Winners are listed below


Mrs H, TAMWORTH1st Prize: £2,000.00

  • 2nd | £200.00 | Ms C , BAILDON
  • 3rd | £75.00 | Mrs C , Liverpool
  • 4th | £50.00 | Mrs C , SWANSEA
  • 5th | £25.00 | Mr J , SWANSEA
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Mr M, Redcar1st Prize: £2,000.00

  • 2nd | £200.00 | Mr C , Unknown
  • 3rd | £75.00 | Miss M , Eastbourne
  • 4th | £50.00 | Mr F , Newport
  • 5th | £25.00 | Mrs F , Barry
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Mr T, Sandbach1st Prize: £2,000.00

  • 2nd | £200.00 | Mrs W , Cambridgeshire
  • 3rd | £75.00 | Mrs S , Stourbridge
  • 4th | £50.00 | Dr A , Edinburgh
  • 5th | £25.00 | Mrs J , Gateshead
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Mr M, Newcastle Upon Tyne1st Prize: £2,000.00

  • 2nd | £200.00 | Mr L , Liverpool
  • 3rd | £75.00 | Mrs W , Liverpool
  • 4th | £50.00 | Miss F , Ipswich
  • 5th | £25.00 | Mr B , Hartlepool
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Miss W, London1st Prize: £2,000.00

  • 2nd | £200.00 | Mr G , York
  • 3rd | £75.00 | Mr S , Bristol
  • 4th | £50.00 | Mrs B , Horsham
  • 5th | £25.00 | Mrs Y , Weston-super-Mare
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Mrs W, Warminster1st Prize: £10,000

  • 2nd | £500 | Mrs H , Leeds
  • 3rd | £250 | Mrs M , Cookstown
  • 4th | £100 | Ms H , Bishopton
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Where are our winners? From Land's End to John O'Groats

We have thousands of winners from all over the UK and we’re adding to this every week… could it be you next? There are 50 chances to win every week with our lottery and further prizes to be won with our quarterly raffles so why not increase your chances and play both? It’s so easy to play, just click the ‘Our Games’ tab and select which game you want to play. With so many prizes on offer and 93p of every £1 the lottery raises and 98p of every £1 the raffle raises helping to provide care for those living with a terminal illness it really is a good way to win.

“I have bought Marie Curie Raffle Tickets for years, it is a good cause and it makes me happy to know Marie Curie is getting more funds. I'm going to spend my winnings on my children and also buy a Tefal Actifry so that me and my wife can eat healthy chips."

Raffle Winner, 2nd Prize, £500

Mr Robertson


“I am the secretary in a Marie Curie Fundraising Group and like to support where I can. I set up the Direct Debit last year and forgot all about it and now I am just amazed to have won. I will put the money towards next year’s holiday!"

Weekly Lottery Winner, 1st Prize, £2,000

Vivien Carter


“I just could not believe that I had won £2,000! I was over the moon. Marie Curie provides wonderful services to those living with a terminal illness. I may only be giving a little, but it is going to a great cause."

Weekly Lottery Winner, 1st prize, £2000

Hilary Morgan


“I could not believe it. I normally don't win anything! This will go towards a holiday or a weekend away. I play the Weekly lottery as I believe Marie Curie is a very worthwhile charity."

Weekly Lottery Winner, 1st Prize, £2,000

Catherine Straughan


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