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You Make Helping People Possible You're a star player

Last year, thanks to people like you, Marie Curie helped more than 50,000 people. That’s a lot of people getting the end of life care they need.

With every £1 lottery ticket purchased, 93p goes back to Marie Curie, either to provide more hours of care or to help us raise the next pound.

Every week our community of Weekly Lottery players raise enough money to fund two Marie Curie Nurses for a whole year.

Thanks for playing and supporting people living with a terminal illness.

By Playing the Lottery You're Changing Lives! Meet Barbara

One of our jackpot winners got in touch to share the story of her win. Barbara’s first reaction was to check that it was real. She asked her partner to check the numbers online. And, sure enough, she’d won the £2,000 jackpot.

“I was a district nurse and used to work with Marie Curie Nurses. They do a wonderful job, so I’m delighted to play the lottery knowing it helps support what they do.”

We asked Barbara what she was going to do with
her winnings. “I recently took my daughter and her two young children on holiday, but now that I’ve won a prize in the lottery, I might go on a residential art holiday as well!”

She also donated £50 of her winnings back to
Marie Curie. “I’ve seen the valuable care that Marie Curie Nurses give to people living with a terminal illness, so I wanted to send a cheque to give back something and to say a big thank you.”

We’d like to say thanks again to Star Player Barbara.

The Winners Tea Party Paul Chuckle was on hand to help us celebrate your wins

To say thanks to some of our recent Weekly Lottery and Raffle winners, we held an event at the iconic Liver Building in Liverpool. Almost 130 of you came along as we celebrated your support (and your wins).

There were tea and cakes, catching up with old friends and making new ones, and games to play too. Our winners enjoyed a tombola, a prize draw and bingo. We were delighted to be joined by Paul Chuckle who called the bingo numbers for us.

Without people like you who play our Weekly Lottery and support us, we’d not be able to help nearly as many people. Whether or not you’ve won yet, you’re already a winner to us.

The People Behind Marie Curie “Losing my mum inspired me to become a Marie Curie Nurse”

When Shirley Gould’s mum died, she barely knew what Marie Curie Nurses did. Once she realised just how important their work is, she decided to become one herself.

“When Mum was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer, it knocked me for six. My husband and I had just moved from Gloucester to Dorset, but I threw myself into being there to support her. My priority was improving Mum’s quality of life. Not
knowing how long we were going to have with her was just awful.

“I began to struggle with constantly driving back and forth to see her and working at the same time. Around this time, I was offered overnight support from Marie Curie but I said no, as I wasn’t sure what it involved.

“After Mum’s funeral, I found going back to work really hard. I’d been an accounts clerk for 27 years and, although my colleagues were supportive, I found it difficult to get motivated again. I needed a change – and told my husband I wanted to try care work.

“I found a job in a care home and enrolled on a social care course with a view to becoming a nurse. I quickly realised that, being a hands-on person, my passion was actually for palliative care. I wanted to care for people who were at the end of their life – like my mum had been.

“In July 2015 I got a job as a Marie Curie Nurse. I feel privileged to be accepted into people’s homes – and often their hearts – and to care for other people’s loved ones. If I knew then what I know now, I’d have taken the overnight care that was offered to me in my time of need.”

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