Other good ways to support Marie Curie You can make a difference today

As well as our online games, we've got more ways for you to help support Marie Curie Nurses. And as ever, you can feel good knowing that you're helping people living with a terminal illness  get the care and support they need.

Our New Super Sweepstakes Get your colleagues, friends and family together and download a Sweepstake kit today!

Marie Curie has made it super easy for you and your friends to have some fun around this year's big events. Our free Super Sweepstakes kit will include everything you need to get your friends, family or co-workers in the competitive mood - all you have to do is print out the kit and start Super Sweeping!

Our DIY Super Sweepstake kit available to download here.

The winner could choose to donate half their winning prize pot to Marie Curie at mariecurie.org.uk/sweepstakes

Good luck!

Check Out our Online Shop

Head on over to the Marie Curie Online Shop today for some great gifts suitable for all your family and friends. From stationery to kids toys, food to wedding favours, you are bound to find the perfect gift or treat for yourself. 100% of profits go towards caring for more people living with a terminal illness, so shop today.

Visit the Marie Curie Online Shop - https://shop.mariecurie.org.uk

Gaming Magazine and Extra Puzzles

If you haven't received the latest copy of our Gaming Magazine, here you can play puzzles and games just for fun - download them using the button below. 

Download here

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